Tournament Management Committee meeting: Patience preached to schools

MIAA Tournament Management Committee chairman Shaun Hart is a agency believer that endurance is a advantage.

Rather than rush by way of a wide range of completely different adjustments to statewide match codecs for the 2024-25 season, Hart feels giving all faculties a while to sift by way of every little thing can be helpful in the long term.

“It is my hope that everyone sees it and we can move ahead and put it to a vote in October or November,” Hart stated. “Then we can finalize things in December and put everything out by January 1.”

Among the areas that Hart and the committee can be are venues, upgrading the medals and signage, offering venues with extra hands-on assist from MIAA and college officers, constant cutoff, bracket and match launch dates, margins of victory in different sports activities and including a visual win element to the facility scores.

Scituate athletic director Scott Paine, who runs the statewide hockey match, pushed again a bit. He hoped motion could be taken quickly to keep away from a number of the hockey issues.

“We had a situation where we turned away 2,000 people,” Paine stated. “The venue could not hold that amount of people and it’s not fair to anyone. We have to be able to have facilities that can accommodate that type of crowd.”

MIAA affiliate government director Sherri Bryant spoke concerning the necessity of athletic occasions being performed to conclusion and emphasised the colleges needing to pay attention to what occasions are literally thought of a forfeit versus no-contests.

The assembly opened with Hart being re-elected to the chairman place and Lynn English athletic director Dick Newton taking on as vice chairman, changing Jared Shannon, who stepped down.